Domains... We all need them at some point right? Whether that be for a new business idea, bringing a business in the modern century, or even a place to advertise yourself.

Too often, domains can be priced out of your marketing budget or the domain was bought a long time ago and the asking price is simply too much.

DynaDomains is here to reinvent how domains are used on the web.

Choose Domain

Select a high-end premium domain you want to use for your business.

Draw Market

Draw a geographic region using our simple interface. Anyone trying to visit the domain in this area will be redirected to your site.


Use this domain for a low monthly rate for your geographic zone to redirect to your site!

Redirect Domain

We never own your domain. Just redirect it to our service! All 404'd redirects go back to your domain sale page!

Set Pricing

Set Pricing per square mile on what you would like to charge for passive use of your domain.

Make Money

Sit back and let us make you some money while you wait for the big sale.